Michaels for Custom Home Security

The FBI states that a third of all unprotected homes will be targeted by a burglar. But for those with security systems it's only one in 250! And more than half of all break-ins occur during daylight hours when you're not at home.

With our home security systems, you can set cameras to pan sensitive areas of your home and use your smart phone to check the results. You could even yell at a burglar from your desk at work, telling him the police are on the way. You can set alarms to go off when an intruder approaches, and notify neighbors, and police through a land line or cell phone. For a moderate monthly fee, a company like Michaels can monitor your system 24/7 and take any necessary action. These are just a few of the options to deter crime in your home.

We Provide Security Systems and Monitoring

Custom home security used to be very expensive, but not any more. Michaels carries affordable GE security systems and provides security monitoring at a nominal fee. To see all of GE's security options, including fire and safety products, please go here.

Michaels also carries most brands of cameras, and we can program them for you so they're viewable from anywhere in the world.

Call us and one of our security professionals will meet with you to design the perfect system for your needs.

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