Michaels Specializes in
Control4 Home Automation

Control4 is the state of the art in home automation, and at Michaels we've got you covered. You've probably had a smart phone for years. Isn't it time for a "smart home." (For more about Control4, please go here.)

With the current explosion of home automation technology, your smart home is now both possible and affordable.

No more getting out of the car in a blizzard to open up the garage door. No more stumbling through dark rooms to find the light switch. Instead of turning on your theater system, then walking around dimming lights, you can enable the perfect viewing environment by pushing a single button. You can start the coffee pot before you get out of bed, and vary room lighting from far away so it looks as though you're home.

Call Us First for your Home Automation Needs

After doing considerable research, we choose to feature Control4 Home Automation products. We really like how comprehensive their product line is, and the ease of use.

A Control4 system allows you to monitor your house from anywhere in the world. It also has a very reasonable cost compared to comparable brands.

We have been putting Control4 in peoples homes and businesses for years and find it to be a solid and dependable product. While some devices quickly become obsolete as technology advances, the Control4 product is constantly being upgraded so you are never behind the times!

Please call us and we will schedule a time to come to your home and design the perfect system for your needs.

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